Reviews Last Edition  

Digital 1to1 Europe gives me the possibility to meet a lot of potential partners and providers in just two days, so the 1to1 formula is really successful for me. I really love the atmosphere as it is really relaxing and I am able to meet people and get to know them more easily

Laura Corallo | Head of Marketing and Operations
EATALY · Digital 1to1 Europe 2017

I think this is a very good moment to do networking and to see many solutions that you have no time to see within a year because usually you have a lot of meetings and things to do and here you have just one day to meet many people from the sector with the same interest as you have and you can see different opportunities.

Marian Fonseca – Trade Marketing & e-commerce Director
· Digital 1to1 Europe 2017

First of all it has provided me the opportunity to know a lot of solutions in a short time. It has been also good for me to take the pulse of the digital industry. It’s a good opportunity for networking with other colleagues from other merchants.

I came here to cover certain areas and I found several providers which could be a good reference in terms of engagement, branded content videos, in terms of affiliates, SEO improvement, lots of solutions so it’s very difficult to choose one in each field and very relevant providers.

Here you are in a different mood than the one you have at your office. You are focused in finding solutions and straightforward in the 1to1s to check if this solution fits with your needs, how much would it cost, which integrations would be required, and finally it’s a good way find a proof of concept.

Jorge Sanchez Paniagua – Online E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Manager
VODAFONE · Digital 1to1 Europe 2017

So the digital 1to1 was really amazing for me. I learned so many new things. It was great networking, for me it was very efficient and productive.

I definitely recommend it because for me it was the best event I’ve seen in years. It was my first time and I was really surprised.

Verena Exenberger – eCommerce Director
PARFOIS · Digital 1to1 Europe 2017

“The topic of artificial intelligence was really strong, generalizing that the digital business is getting more and more into that action and we need to be really more aware of that so I found the business case, proposed by IBM very interesting.

Also, this year I’ve discovered a lot about cross-border that I didn’t know and I was really happy about that.

Marta Pompilio – Eastern Europe E-Commerce Manager
RAY-BAN · Digital 1to1 Europe 2017

Webtrekk, came to this Digital 1to1 for a number of different proposals and I think we have fulfilled all of them. Actually, we exceeded some of the expectations we had at the beginning which is absolutely great.

We have met more and more relevant prospects than we expected in the beginning.

For us the main goal was more practical goal was to have a solid pipeline of people interested in what we were doing and that is exactly the main element we have achieved. So there are now a few dozens of companies that we have met and are clearly oriented towards continuing these conversations learning more about us and hopefully becoming our customers.

Well I clearly say that if those solutions are aiming to high level b2b and with quite high level of very relevant solutions that are require a level of decision making that is important and required people that really understand what the business is about, this is the place to be because you typically have conversations with people that are owning, managing or making the calls on those very relevant business. So its people that are super smart, people that know a lot and then if you solution matches this kind of things the conversations go fantastic.

Diego Semprún – Managing DIrector
WEBTREKK · Digital 1to1 Europe 2017

We met a lot people really relevant and interesting for us, from the travel industry to even the tire industry. Every customer I met had specific needs, especially with cross-border issues, related to payment, and it was really interesting to meet all those needs and to see the pains and where we can figure it out for them.”

Stanislas Devaux –  International Business Development Director
HiPay · Digital 1to1 Europe 2017

It was quite a success for us, because we are trying to go abroad from Spain. It would be great to participate again in this edition. 

It’s quite a good event, because you some dedicated sessions of networking of approximately half an hour and you can see people in another context, having dinner with them, and other networking sessions and afterwork. So it’s a good way to have plenty of contact in a short time.

Maxime Gaude – Head of Sales
Edit-Place · Digital 1to1 Europe 2017

My presence in the forum was to meet the decision makers behind big brands from all over Europe and we actually achieved that. It’s a different kind of concept that I’m used to. Normally I am more used to conferences, so I think this concept was really really good. It was great to not only great to meet the decision makers but also to understand how mature the market is, in terms of these big corporations working with influencers.

First of all I think the event was really really well organized, and its an amazing experience to have the right chats with people that actually are decision makers and share a vision in their company. So I think its really cool to have a closed and relaxing environment meeting so many amazing people.”

Manuel Albuquerque – CEO
Primetag · Digital 1to1 Europe 2017

It’s the second time that we attend this event and I define it as a combination of laid back setting, but a very professional set-up at the same time and it really allowed us to connect with very qualified leads that will then benefit from our product offering and from our advertising solutions.

I think I would recommend it to everyone. It’s a great opportunity to get out of your office and day-to-day to spend a very intense two days, but at the same time, a very laid back setting, because it allows you to meet with a lot of very high qualified contacts to get new business, to find new solutions, and for us especially to meet new potential advertisers, that will then start using our platform. Maybe they didn’t know that our solution existed, and that’s been a great opportunity for that, so it’s like a discover moment of who’s out there that you are still not working with.

Mireia Dalmau – Senior Media Sales Manager
Taboola · Digital 1to1 Europe 2017

Reviews Edition 2016  

We exchanged a lot of ideas and different kind of projects around the world. I think changing experiences all the time is in order to improve knowledge of course and practices

Karla Covarruvias |   Ecommerce Leader  

It was a very interesting event, I had the chance to meet very cool suppliers, vendors and it is always good to connect here with other industries, just to see where we are, benchmarking, where it is going.”

Federico Manno |   Digital Commerce Director EMEA
VF Corporation · Crossborder 2016

Meeting very different people on the 1to1 sessions, I learned a lot about what people are doing, how they are innovating, it was great, very interesting.

Corentine Rivoire | Manager of Strategic Accounts, EME
Magento Commerce · Crossborder 2016

It’s important to do networking, you know a lot of people from Spain, from France, from Germany. It is two days, very compressed time and effective time. 

Javier Berneda  |   CEO
Munich · Crossborder 2016

Reviews Edition  2015  

This event is very useful for El Corte Inglés as we need as much help as possible and it’s a good opportunity to share and talk with professionals from different countries. This is my first experience but I’m looking forward to come back again next year. I really appreciated the one to one meetings, having 30 minutes to talk allows you to know in a fast way the kind of company that can help us. Also the workshops and conferences were very interesting with high level professionals 

Daniel Alonso  |   Head of Digital Business Development
El Corte Inglés · Crossborder 2015

It’s been great. The best thing about this event is that you have a set time to talk to providers, but also have enough spare time to talk to other companies with whom we could potentially partner with. The environment is also helping to strengthen these type of relationships and get to know each other. I would like to stress the high quality of providers and all the professionals who are really decision makers. Everything is surrounded by quality here”

Alex Vallbona  | Managing Director Spain
Birchbox · Crossborder 2015

“It was in my first time at Cross-Border Summit, and I especially enjoyed the one to one meetings which I found very useful for our business. Everyone was very opened and interested about e-commerce, it was very interesting for both professional and personal sides…”

Irati Lorza  |   Site Executive, Spain and LATAM
Farfetch · Crossborder 2015

This was the first time I attended the Cross-Border Summit in Barcelona. The good thing is that there are many solutions providers from different sectors and nationalities so there is a lot of information coming to me in a very short time. Also with the one to one meetings you have the time to go deeper in further detail of a certain topic. As a whole a very enriching experience. We are now in the stage where we want to launch our international webshop, by meeting people sharing their experien…”

Heidi De Cloet   |   E Shop Manager
Veritas · Crossborder 2015

“This kind of event is very important to me as it allows to know about the situation of e-commerce, getting to know about all the solutions and also other webshops with whom to share experiences. This is a very fast paced sector, so year by year there are new solutions on the market. If you’re interested in growing cross-border it’s important that you get to know these novelties”

Eloy Mariaud |   Head of eCommerce
Imaginarium · Crossborder 2015

“Es nuestra segunda participación en el evento y la verdad es que para nosotros es el mejor formato. Es un contacto muy directo con los grandes players del e-commerce con vocación internacional en un entorno muy relajado. Nos quitamos la chaqueta y la corbata y hay mucha más cercanía entre cliente y proveedor”

Jerome Jaeger  |   Sales & Marketing Manager
GLS · Crossborder 2015

“What I like about this event are the one to one meetings as we get to know people really well. It’s not the normal fair where you wait for customers to come to you, here you actually have an agenda with a very outlined structure. Moreover you are matched with professionals having the same interests as you, so as a supplier you will get to meet people who are interested in your services. That makes the leads very valuable. Also, it’s a very international event with some of the biggest shops in Europe and other regions and as a supplier these are the customers I’m interested in, so I can’t imagine a better setting for me to be in. I also had the chance to lead an Open Talk about the Nordic countries, and it was a good experience to talk with people interested in opening new markets in that region”

Anders Andersen  |   Etaility
CEO · Crossborder 2015

“This was our first time and I’m very happy that we decided to come. It has been very professional and there is no other matching event in Europe. I really appreciated the possibility to meet with companies and create bondings. Even if there weren’t specifically scheduled one to one meetings with a particular company, the organization made it happen during lunch time or other free time.

We also had a chance to deliver a business case and people were very interested in what we had to offer.”

Martin Kreiter   |   Division Mgr. Hermes Group Ecommerce
Borderguru · Crossborder 2015

” I’m honestly very happy about the second edition of the Cross-Border Summit, we had more than 170 attendees from over 20 nationalities who created a very positive and relaxed atmosphere. Everyone was really eager to talk and connect with each other, and of course to do business during these two days of intensive networking. I would like to stress the high level of attendees with major multinational webshops, renowned international experts and solution providers.

We will continue to work hard to deliver a high quality even, and we expect to have a greater attendance with even more nationalities for the Cross-Border Summit in 2016. ”

Ronan Bardet   |   CEO
EGI Group · Crossborder 2015

” This event has been outstanding I would say. I wasn’t very sure about what to expect, especially regarding the one to one meetings, I finally was convinced by Club Ecommerce’s team and I am so glad I did come in the end.

This event has made a difference, it’s very well organized. The attendees are c-level executives who are very interesting to meet.

I would for sure highlight the quality of attendees and the speed of business. People come to CBS to do business, they come open minded and ready to meet new partners.

I will definitely repeat next year. ”

Gonzalo Ibañez   |   CEO
· Crossborder 2015

” Really interesting to meet in such a short time a lot of interesting people. We have webshops, we have suppliers… and it’s the top of people we need to meet”

Anne-Sophie Varin   |   Head of Trade Marketing
Pixmania · Crossborder 2015


“It’s very important to say again that’s very selective and matches actually the right balance between solutions, webshops . Also, I have to say, the atmosphere that we breath is very good.”

Jacopo Laganga  |   Global Digital Marketing & E-Business Manager
Antoni Morato · Crossborder 2014

There is enough quality time to talk and there are actually great opportunities on this. Also, from a personal point of view, it’s been fantastic

Ferran Güell   |   CMO
Privalia · Crossborder 2014