Networking has been established as the standard approach when creating a network of contacts and opening up business opportunities in new markets. Under the Business to Business (B2B) concept, creating opportunities for the exchange of information and establishing relationships is a formula that is constantly growing in the industry. Moreover, B2B businesses find this approach useful due to the advantages that brings to their commercial area.

Benefits and advantages of networking meetings

  1. Allows a direct contact with professionals of the sector of interest, which potentially promotes collaboration between companies.
  2. In addition to meeting people from the same industry, entrepreneurs and professionals involved in networking meetings have the opportunity to create or expand their network of contacts with prospective suppliers and customers. Even job-seekers can go to these networking meetings for a direct contact with recruiters and employers.
  3. It is a great opportunity for sharing information, finding ways of detecting new trends.
  4. Creates greater visibility to companies. Being present in one of these networking meetings allows you to find potential leads for future customers who may be hiring services or suppliers who may be offering solutions.
  5. Promote your business brand through the exchange of informationallowing opportunities to move towards product innovation and services.
  6. The so-called concept of Engaging People through networking meetings allows involving people into business in a rather straightforward manner and on a basis of trust.

Networking Business in B2B

Business to Business or B2B encompasses the transmission of information and exchange between companies from the technological and digital sectors. The participation in online platforms has shown to be a successful business strategy for B2B sales by facilitating the interaction between companies.

Networking, in relation to B2B, favors the encounter, interaction, trust creation and involvement in the project of professionals and companies, which also known as Engaging People.

Furthermore, there are B2B platforms on virtually every sector and business area, in which Ecommerce embraces its way of doing business by bringing companies together from similar sectors to provide global services to buyers.

Thus, thanks to these initiatives, Business to Business companies can offer products or services from different companies linked to the same sector or with similar needs, which strengthen alliances, synergy creation and market positioning.

Next event: Digital 1to1 Europe – June 12th-14th, 2018

An example of networking is the next Digital 1to1 Europe; an opportunity to meet with the best digital solutions in Europe in just two days of intensive networking. This event provides an interactive acceleration service designed for companies that wish to improve their impact or presence in the digital industry. What makes Digital 1to1 unique is the possibility of engaging with professionals and experts of the sector, while companies connect with solution providers to help meet their goals.

Unlike any congress or trade fair in the industry, Digital 1to1 format focuses more on the networking aspect by offering attendees to connect with other digital/ecommerce leaders and solutions in a efficient and quality manner. This next edition will be held in Barcelona, in the exclusive La Mola Hotel & Conference Centre, which is expected to host 300 professionals.

To make this networking event experience fully beneficial to all participants, Digital 1to1 asks them to come prepared and have done the previous work and to be fully committed to participate in the activities that Digital 1to1 offers.

Moreover, Digital 1to1 sets up customized meetings for every attendee, which often revolve around business and innovation cases, networking and afterwork activities— promoting interaction among participants, and exchanging ideas through the international workshop sessions.

Participants expected to attend: the CEO, CMO, CTO, CFO and COO of the main Spanish/European companies and organizations as well as ecommerce solutions and professional from the digital transformation sector, marketing, among others.

The requirements to participate as guest are as follows: the company must have a turnover of more than 5 million euros per year online and the company’s participant must be a decision maker within the company, ie, CEO, COO, BMC or similar.

Among our objectives, Digital 1to1 emphasizes customized meetings and networking quality, which promote socialization, exchange of information, as well as encouraging loyalty in different environments.

In addition, we also expect attendees expand their knowledge, communicate new trends and share their concerns with other professionals while talking with one another and participating in the interactive sessions. By doing so attendees get potential customers, contact appropriate partners, so they can sign agreements beneficial to their companies.

The concept of networking on Digital1to1 is practical, dynamic and interactive. Besides the 1to1 pre-arranged meeting, we have small group sessions with different experts to give their thoughts and solutions, for socialization and interaction, Digital 1to1 offers interpersonal relationships through dinners, games and activities.


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