Digital1to1: The gathering of the big companies in the Ecommerce and retail sector in Spain and Europe

The first annual celebration of the Digital 1to1 meeting will take place in Barcelona from March 5th to 7th, 2019.  The registrations are already exceeding 91% of the capacity (hurry up if you do not want to be left out).

In June, the European edition will be taking place. Finally, the last annual edition will be in Madrid, Spain in October 2019.

Digital 1to1 encounters tripled

The biggest companies in the Ecommerce & retail sector, as well as technology solution providers, will join the Digital1to1 2019, which is organized by Club Ecommerce. The first 2019 edition will be held in Barcelona, from March 5th to 7th, at the Hotel Dolce Sitges, where the leading Spanish brands in the sector will meet for making business.

The second 2019 edition will also be in Barcelona, from June 11th to 13th. This European event will gather companies from all over South Europe and more. Finally, a last gathering will be organized in Madrid for the second time, bringing together the main Spanish companies.

In each of these celebrations, more than 400 participants are foreseen. C-level managers from the most prestigious digital solutions companies and providers will meet. This year, Club Ecommerce has taken to continue with its three editions, due to the great popularity and success of the previous editions. Without a doubt, the gathering will help the participants to know a greater number of companies.


How networking works?

To have an idea, the 1to1 meetings consist of a 20-minute individualized conversation (previously programmed) that connect those responsible for retail brands and digital service companies. As mentioned below, some meetings are capable of generating plethora of professional relationships.

In past editions, the organization has helped to create business meetings between 900 managers of electronic stores / retailers / brands and 520 executives responsible for 300 solutions from the technology sector. A result that manages to recommend the celebration year after year on a business point of view.

To put in a nutshell, we have the best quality networking experience: 12 000 appointments have been made in previous meetings, and is the most professional network extensive of Spain, with 1600 members. In addition to companies and institutions, experts in digital marketing and SEO positioning are also part of it, among others.


What’s new in the seventh edition

In the next edition of Digital 1to1 we will inaugurate the first edition of the Retail Tech Awards with the aim of presenting the most innovative solutions to industry leaders.



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